Dr. Janna Giaimuccio

Dr. Janna Giaimuccio

Dr. Janna Giamuccio, Herndon VeterinarianAssociate Veterinarian

At first, Janna Giaimuccio thought she would study human medicine, but that changed during high school when she volunteered at her local veterinary hospital. Having grown up with dogs in the family and seeing the remarkable changes good veterinary care could bring to an animal in need, Janna realized veterinary medicine would be the perfect fit for her life and career!

Janna was born in Texas but grew up in Kentucky and western Michigan. After those crucial years volunteering at local pet hospitals, Janna attended Albion College for her undergrad and then moved on to Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to receive her DVM. She launched her veterinary career by practicing in the Chicago suburbs, and then downtown Baltimore, Maryland. In 2009, Dr. Giaimuccio and her husband moved to Northern Virginia, where she is now an Associate Veterinarian at Herndon Animal Medical Center.

Since animals communicate in such different ways than we do, every case is a mystery—a mystery Janna loves solving! She particularly enjoys cases involving the eyes, because they are such remarkable organs and each case comes with its own unique challenges. Wound repair is another favorite area of hers—the before-and-after pictures are the ultimate reward!

Outside of her career as a veterinarian, Janna is passionate about exercising. She’s been a runner all of her life, and forever owes a veterinary school friend who helped her learn to swim! She also enjoys pottery—she considers herself a beginner but wants to keep coming back to the hobby throughout her life.

Janna and her husband merged their last names when they got married, creating a new last name, Giaimuccio. They have a son who is currently in full toddler glory, and a brand new baby girl! The family lives with their dog Sam, who is a great running partner but unfortunately has a great nose for finding chocolate, and Watson, a 20-pound (presumed to be) sheltie-mix.


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