Dr. Kristan Gutowski

Dr. Kristan Gutowski

Herndon Vet Kristan GutowskiOwner, Veterinarian

As a young girl, Kristan Gutowski and her closest friends were fascinated with breeding hamsters—so much so that Kristan’s mother had to put a stop to it when she realized there were nearly 50 hamsters living in her basement! Kristan’s fascination with pets and wildlife set the stage early on for her dream of becoming a veterinarian when she grew up.

Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Detroit, Kristan was initially interested in human medicine and chemistry due to her father’s struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. During her undergraduate years at Wayne State University, she began taking care of horses at a friend’s small farm. After an inspirational moment seeing a horse undergo anesthesia and surgery, she realized she could combine her passion for animals with her interest in medicine—shortly thereafter she enrolled in Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and the rest is history!

After working as an Emergency and Critical Care veterinarian for 12 years, Dr. Gutowski embarked on a new adventure and purchased her very own practice, Herndon Animal Medical Center. Every day, she and her dedicated team put their skills and passion to work for your pets.

Dr. Gutowski says that pet emergencies, while stressful, are often some of the most rewarding experiences as a vet—she loves that a team effort can make an immediate difference in the life of an animal, and giving a healthy pet back to its owner after a scare is the ultimate gratification!

Outside of work, exercise is a passion of hers—she is hooked on the Crossfit exercise program and has competed in local affiliate leagues. Kristan and her husband have even trained for triathlons and marathons!Kristan’s husband, John, is also involved in veterinary medicine—he is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and works as an anesthesia tech at a specialty surgical practice. The couple has two sons, who are both fascinated with anything that crawls, flies, or swims. The Gutowski household currently has two dogs, a special needs Doberman named "Riley" and Golden Retriever mixed named "Scout". Both dogs are as active as the rest of the family. Though truth be told there are often additional animal visitors from time to time of various species - there is truly never a dull moment.


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