Nutrition and Weight Management

Good nutrition and a healthy weight can help improve the chances of your pet living a long, healthy life. Feeding the proper diet will not only provide your pet with all of their nutritional needs, but it can also help improve performance and even manage existing medical conditions. Yet with so many different pet food products on the market, how can you know for sure that you’re giving your companion the right one? What about weight? Companion animals that are even just a few pounds overweight are at a greater risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes. If you’re confused or could just use a little guidance, the team at Herndon Animal Medical Center can help!

We’ll start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your pet’s health. We’ll consider such things as age, breed, current health condition, lifestyle and risk factors. This information will help us determine exactly what your companion’s nutritional needs are. We will then be able to provide a recommendation on the type of food, as well as the proper feeding frequency and quantity, that would best meet those specific nutritional needs. Depending on your particular pet, this may include a prescription diet, which has many benefits that over the counter foods do not.

Next, we’ll discuss your pet’s weight. Every animal is different, and not all pets fall within the same range. Part of our detailed health analysis will include determining exactly what weight range would be ideal for your pet. We’ll then discuss physical activity and determine which exercises, and at what frequency and intensity level, would be best suited for your companion. Being active is something that’s important for all animals. Even if your pet is older or suffers from a medical condition, there are still plenty of ways to ensure that they remain physically fit. We can help you with this.

At Herndon Animal Hospital, we know you always want what’s best for your four-legged friend. Let us develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your animal companion and help them achieve optimum health.


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